natural oak garage door on modern home

Wayne Dalton's Guide to Enhancing Curb Appeal with Garage Door Upgrades

Oct. 31, 2023

The Power of First Impressions and High ROI

At Wayne Dalton, we understand that a home's exterior speaks volumes. If you're contemplating how to enhance your property's curb appeal, look no further than the Cost vs. Value Report. This indispensable resource aggregates data from across the country to spotlight the most profitable home improvement projects you can make smart and informed decisions about how and where you spend your money. Consistently, garage door replacements emerge as one of the top-ranking investments, second only to HVAC conversions.

white garage door on blue home

Model 9100, White Sonoma panel style, Stockton III windows

The Unbeatable Benefits of Garage Door Replacements

An upgrade to your garage door delivers a trifecta of advantages: timely completion, striking visual transformation, and improved energy efficiency for your garage. It's time to recognize the monumental impact a simple garage door upgrade can have.


Five Key Considerations for Upgrading Your Garage Door

1. Aligning Style with Architecture
The aesthetic congruence of your garage door with your home's overall architectural style cannot be overstated. You wouldn’t want a sleek, modern door on a traditional home, or likewise, a classic wooden door on a midcentury. That’s where the experts at Wayne Dalton can help. At Wayne Dalton, our extensive portfolio caters to diverse styles—ensuring your selection not only complements your home but also stands the test of time.


natural oak garage door on modern home

Model 8680, Natural Oak Horizontal Groove panel style, Vertical windows


2. Considering the Climate
Geographical factors such as temperature extremes or coastal proximity should guide your material and insulation choices. Are your summers extremely hot? Do you get snow for months on end in the winter? Are you near the ocean? All these factors and more should be considered when choosing a new garage door to ensure both the longevity of your garage door and optimized energy efficiency.


white garage doors with snow and mountains

Model 8300, White Ranch panel style, Clear II windows


3. DIY or Professional Installation
Wayne Dalton offers and recommends our professional installation services. Our experts can have your new garage door operational in record time, sparing you potential pitfalls. To aid any customer, Wayne Dalton does offer a DIY option at Lowe’s for the skilled homeowner


4. Budget
Quality and curb appeal do not need to be compromised by budget constraints. Wayne Dalton offers solutions for any homeowner and price point. Our entry-level garage doors are engineered for durability and visual appeal, allowing you to make a statement without breaking the bank. Elevated designs are also available for homes where the aesthetic comes first. Our extensive portfolio offers everything in between to allow you to find the exact garage door solution you’re looking for.


5. Perfecting the Final Touches
Personalizing your garage door's color and finish can elevate your home's exterior to new heights. In addition to every standard color option Wayne Dalton has to offer, you can also choose from our Wayne Dalton® TruChoice™ Color System, offering over 6,000 colors. If you’re in search for the look of real wood without the maintenance, opt for our Wood Grain Impressions™ finishes collection on Model 8300. Finish everything off with an array of hardware options to make your garage door pop.


truchoice colored garage doors

Wayne Dalton® TruChoice™ Color System


A Game-Changing Investment for Your Home's Exterior

Before diving into other curb appeal enhancements like landscaping or exterior painting, consider prioritizing a garage door replacement and upgrade. This single change can dramatically revamp your home's appearance and provide an impressive return on investment.


clay colored garage door with windows on modern home

Model 9405, Clay Camden panel style, Custom windows


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