bronze modern glass garage door on modern home

Do You Have the Right Garage Door for a Midcentury House?

Dec. 18, 2023

clear and white garage door on yellow home with greenery

Modern Glass Garage Door | Model 8800 | Clear Anodized | Satin Etch Glass


What is Midcentury Architecture?

The term midcentury architecture is so much more than a period in home design. Though the style came to prominence following the Second World War, lasting until the late 60s, the ongoing appeal of midcentury homes has kept the style relevant and coveted to this day.

The hallmarks of midcentury design are clean lines, contemporary materials (think concrete, and steel), open floorplans and an abundance of natural light. The advent of insulated glass windows made it possible to install large walls of glass in midcentury homes without compromising the thermal integrity of the house. This new glass technology allowed for the seamless indoor/outdoor living that is so iconic to midcentury design. The result is an architectural style that departs from traditionalism and maximalism and finds a creative outlet in the understated, natural elements and functionality over beauty. The lasting appeal of this aesthetic continues to this day, with homeowners specifically seeking out midcentury properties.


Finding the Right Materials for A Midcentury Home

If you are lucky enough to live in a midcentury style house, you know just how important it can update your home with midcentury style in mind. We’ve put together a list of four of our favorite Wayne Dalton garage doors that complement midcentury architecture as a design resource for when you are ready to upgrade your garage.


bronze modern glass garage door on modern home

Aluminum Glass | Model 8800 | Bronze Anodized | Satin Etch Glass


Modern Glass Garage Door

In true midcentury style, nothing beats a wall of glass. Bringing the outdoors in and flooding a space with natural light are some of the cornerstones of this home style. The Modern Glass Garage Door from Wayne Dalton offers an expanse of glass in a sleek, minimal frame—the perfect complement to the clean lines of a midcentury home. Model 8800Model 8850


black glass garage door on white home with tree

Frameless Glass | Model 8450 Luminous® | Translucent Black


Frameless Glass Garage Doors Luminous®

Like a geometric pool gleaming in the Hollywood Hills, a Wayne Dalton Frameless Glass garage door both shimmers and melts away into the façade of a midcentury home. From Mirrored, to Translucent, or Opaque glass, there is a finish that fits your midcentury masterpiece perfectly. Model 8450


custom garage doors on mid-century home

Flush Wood | 40 Series | Custom Paint


Flush Wood Garage Doors

Clean lines, natural materials, minimalistic yet highly functional, the Flush Wood embodies many of the key attributes of a classic midcentury home. Available in three models, you’ll fine just the right one for you. 40 Series


custom wood garage door on mid-century home

Custom Wood | Model 7000 | Custom Stain | 24 Window Square

Custom Wood Garage Doors

Intentional design, craftsmanship and impeccable details are what set midcentury homes a part and make them so special. In true midcentury style, a Wayne Dalton Custom Wood Garage Door can be designed to replicate an existing midcentury door that needs replacing or match your midcentury home in a way that only custom can.


Midcentury—A Lasting Design Icon

Midcentury is a style that only continues to appreciate with age as new generations of homeowners discover and celebrate this timeless architecture. Making smart updates with intentional consideration to this style will only increase the appeal and value of these incredible homes.

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