contemporary garage door with black finish

A Luxurious Gateway: Wayne Dalton's Door Elevates HGTV's Renovation Aloha Makeover

Apr. 12, 2024

When it comes to first impressions, nothing speaks louder than a home's façade. On HGTV's newest series, Renovation Aloha, this truth was spectacularly brought to life with the help of Wayne Dalton.

black finish contemporary garage door
In the charming town of Kaneohe, nestled on Oahu's windward side, was a 1,700-square-foot house perched on Alii Shores with million-dollar views of Kaneohe Bay. The potential was undeniable, but the property needed something special to stand out in the competitive market. While the entire house underwent a stunning renovation, the curb appeal caught immediate attention on the episode aired on HGTV this season. The secret? A luxurious garage door from a trusted brand name.

Hawaiian natives and co-hosts Tristyn and Kamohai Kalama knew the importance of that first impression, and with the garage being front-facing, it would be the welcoming face of the home. But it wasn't just about aesthetics. Tristyn and Kamohai also sought quality that withstands Hawaii's unique climate while exuding luxury. Their mission to meld modern luxury and strength with the island's natural beauty was achieved by installing Wayne Dalton's Classic Steel Model 8300AG garage doors. It made a statement: bold yet harmonious with the coastal backdrop.

On Renovation Aloha, every detail matters in the art of the flip. The transformation of this Alii Shores residence only showcased the volume of impact a Wayne Dalton door can have. Beyond the beauty of satin-etched glass and the allure of the black finish, the door's robust build and weather-resistant features further elevate the property. Model 8300AG, enhanced with heavy-gauge steel wrapping around end caps and door edges, is engineered for years of smooth, reliable operation. This design not only improves the appearance and adds strength but also protects the polyurethane foamed-in-place insulation. Silent glide nylon rollers with solid steel shafts ensure that the classic steel garage doors will provide years of dependable operation, underscoring the hosts' foresight in choosing a brand synonymous with resilience, strength and trust. Opting for the 25,000-cycle spring further underscored their commitment to longevity, offering the new homeowners peace of mind with nearly double the lifespan of a standard torsion spring.

contemporary garage door with black finish
The Kalama's selection proved even more insightful in Hawaii's ever-changing weather. Model 8300AG is designed to resist the elements, with WindSafe® wind load reinforcement and tongue-and-groove joints that provide a formidable weather barrier and guard against the intrusion of both dirt and the island's occasional tempests, ensuring the beauty of the renovation remains untarnished. Model 8300AG is also one of Wayne Dalton’s highest-insulated garage doors with a U-factor* of .15 and a R-value** of 12.22, helping to improve the home’s thermal efficiency and block street noise.

contemporary garage door with black finish

For those flipping through channels or scrolling through listings, the transformation was a stop-in-your-tracks moment. It showcased the synergy between innovative design and functional elegance. Wayne Dalton's Classic Steel Model 8300AG didn't just complement the renovation; it elevated it, proving that the right choice in a garage door can redefine a home's presence.

Viewers can access Renovation Aloha on HGTV reruns, Discovery+ or Max.

*U-factor is independently tested and verified per ANSI/DASMA 105 using solid doors and specific product sizes.
**Wayne Dalton uses a calculated door section R-value for our insulated doors.

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