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Torque Master Counterbalance

TorqueMaster® Counterbalance for Wayne Dalton Garage Doors

TorqueMaster® Plus is Wayne Dalton's exclusive garage door counterbalance system that safely and cleanly contains the springs inside a steel tube. Having the springs contained in the metal tube looks much better than exposed springs and prevents the collection of dirt and grime on them. The TorqueMaster® Plus design helps prevent injury that could result from the accidental release of tension and includes an anti-drop safety device. If a spring should happen to break while the garage door is in the up position, the anti-drop device will stop the garage door from going into a free fall.


  • Anti-drop protection

  • Easy tension adjustment

  • Enclosed Springs

‘Reliable Performance’- ‘Wayne Dalton has cycle-tested more than 250 TorqueMaster Plus springs. These tests show the average TorqueMaster Plus spring life cycle exceeds the industry requirements* by 15%

*Minimum 10,000 cycle life as specified by ANSI/DASMA 102

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