Atlantic city project largest rolling door

Atlantic City Project - Largest Rolling Steel Door

Jun. 10, 2017

Largest Powder Coated Rolling Steel Door

Stokes Equipment, a Wayne Dalton Dealer located in New Jersey, installed the largest powder coated rolling steel door we've ever made.  Wayne Dalton's largest, strongest and most rugged rolling steel door, Model 800 Titan, was installed at the Atlantic City Convention Center. 

Atlantic City is located on the Jersey Shore and is a popular place for those coming to the Garden State. The summer months bring visitors to area beaches, but throughout the year people come to the convention center for expos, concerts and other large events. 

Our Largest Rolling Steel Door…Ever

How big is this rolling steel door? It's 54 feet wide by 20 feet 4 inches high – now that's huge! That's about 10 ft. longer than your typical school bus. The door is almost the combined width of 7 single car garage doors! (Your typical single car garage door has a width of 8 feet). No one has ever made a powder coated door this big before. You may be thinking that a door this big must weight a lot, and it does. This door weighs approximately 19,000 pounds.

Guess what? This isn't even the largest we can make this door. Our Model 800 Titan has a maximum width of 70 feet wide and a maximum height of 90 feet tall. So how do you ensure a door this big stays looking good for years to come? Powder coating.

largest rolling door on ground

Taking Location into Consideration

The Atlantic City Convention Center is located right on the boardwalk which means the exterior of the building takes a beating from strong winds, sand and salt. Anyone who's lived near a beach, especially on the East Coast, knows about the film of salt that covers cars and homes. Strong winds push salt deposits into the air as it blows off the Atlantic Ocean leaving a salty film on everything it comes in contact with. Salt can be extremely corrosive to buildings and other structures so it's important to use building materials that are rugged enough to withstand the corrosion. That's why choosing a door like our Titan Rolling Steel Door was the way to go for an application like this one. 

largest opening needs largest rolling door

Benefits of Powder Coating

Powder Coating a rolling steel door has many benefits. The most mentionable benefit is the extremely durable finish it provides to protect the door from corrosive elements like salt.  When any object doesn't have a protective barrier against the corrosive materials it's exposed to, it can quickly cause deterioration which can have adverse side-effects on operation and longevity.

Salt Testing on Our Powder Coat Option

We've performed salt spray testing on rolling steel slats to show the difference between doors that are powder coated vs. doors with an anodized finish. 

After 1,000 hours of spraying the door slat with a salt spray you can see how well the powder coat protects the door. 

powder coat spray test

After 2,000 hours of spraying the same slat with salt spray the powder coat is still holding up very well. You can also see what happens to a door that doesn’t have powder coating. 

powder coat salt test

Protects Building against Strong Wind Speeds and Meets Wind Load Requirements

Not only does the exterior of buildings in this area need to be tough to protect against things like salt and sand, but they also need to be strong enough to withstand high wind events. That's another big reason why Wayne Dalton's Model 800 Titan Heavy-Duty Door System was chosen for this project.  This door is designed for 31 PSF wind load, which means it can withstand wind speeds of 100+ mph. 

Our Rolling Door Model 800 Titan Slat Profile has a standard Roller Wind Lock that allows doors to be operated during intermediate winds with a heavy-duty Wind Lock option for high wind speeds.  The Wind Lock helps to keep the door steady and sturdy while operating. 


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