high cycle rolling service door

New Springless High Cycle Rolling Service Doors

May. 16, 2018

Wayne Dalton, a premier manufacturer of garage door solutions for the building industry, has introduced Models 800 HC and 800C HC springless high cycle rolling service doors which offer a cycle life that’s 25 times Wayne Dalton’s standard rolling service door and an accompanying three-year, 500,000 cycle warranty. Thanks to its springless barrel design, Models 800 HC and 800C HC garage doors do not require a counterbalance system. These doors can also be serviced with universal components for ease of maintenance and less downtime for added dependability.

high cycle rolling service door

“Wayne Dalton rolling service doors have a long history of providing warehouse and facility managers with reliable door options to meet a variety of needs. Models 800 HC and 800C HC high cycle rolling service doors are perfect for customers that need a long-lasting door for when heavy traffic is present and the work must go on,” said Wayne Dalton Rolling Steel Product Manager, Jennifer Castro.

Key features include a floor-level controller with a built-in non-resettable cycle counter and a digital readout featuring a time delay and self-close timer. The high cycle motor includes a built-in braking device and features a direct drive heavy-duty gearbox. Models 800 HC and 800C HC also have wind load options available to meet Florida Building Commission, Texas Department of Insurance approvals and Miami Dade certification.

The springless high cycle rolling service doors are available in steel, aluminum, or stainless steel construction and are available in four standard polyester finishes– Gray, Beige, White or Brown. The door offers a maximum width of 20’ and a maximum height of 20’. For flexibility in design, Models 800 HC and 800C HC can be customized with approximately 200 powder coat options to complement the exterior colors of any building and accessories, such as radio controls and motion detectors.