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Garage Door Painting System

Wayne Dalton TruChoice™ Color System

Garage Door Painting System - TruChoice

The Wayne Dalton® TruChoice Color System is a custom paint process that offers more than 6,000 colors. This state-of-the-art system uses a multi-step process that mixes each custom color and then bakes the color on for a high quality factory finish. With so many colors to choose from, there have never been more choices in coordinating your garage door color with your home’s trim, window shutters, front entry door or interior paint color.

TruChoice can match vast number of colors, including RAL Classic colors, many brand name paint manufacturers or the paint sample of your choice*.  A few of the paint manufacturers we can match are Ace, Behr, Benjamin Moore, Olympic, Sherwin Williams, True Value and Valspar. Our custom color system is a fantastic way to customize your garage door or commercial door without all the hassle of painting the door after installation.

TruChoice is available on the following Wayne Dalton models.

Frequently Asked Questions about TruChoice® Garage Door Painting System

How does the TruChoice® Color System work?

Our paint is mixed using the paint number provided or by using a spectrophotometer to read the reference paint sample given to us. On the rare occasion we cannot match your paint sample, we will let you know within five (5) business days after the paint sample has been received. The paint is sprayed on the door and then baked in an oven to seal the paint on the door. You get a custom-color door in a durable factory finish, without all the hassle of painting the door after installation.

On which doors is the TruChoice® Color System available?

Residential models 9700, 9405, 9600, 8300/8500 and commercial Models ThermoMarkTM 5150, 5155, 5200 and 5255 as well as the Thermospan® series.

How is TruChoice® different than having my door painted by a professional?

TruChoice® offers an almost unlimited number of colors to choose from and the paint is baked on for a factory finish that helps protect the door from the elements. TruChoice® also carries a lifetime limited warranty against cracking and peeling and a five-year limited warranty against fading more than 5.0 Delta E, while a door painted after installation may not have a warranty for the paint. See warranty documents for details.

Can you match any color?

There may be a few occasions where we will not be able to match a paint color. In these instances, we will notify your dealer within five (5) business days after the paint sample has been received.

Will my color look exactly the same as the sample I gave?

It will be very close, but exact matching is extremely difficult when the surfaces being painted are made of different materials and/or if the paint being matched has a different sheen than the sample given. Different materials show paint differently. The same color of blue will look different on a plastic shutter than it will on a wood door frame or a steel garage door, even if the paint is the same color. Sheens also have an effect on the color of paint. Paint with a high gloss will have a contrast to the same color in a flat finish. Wayne Dalton’s goal is for your door will be within one shade (1.0 Delta E as read by our spectrophotometer) at the time of delivery. Color chips are produced on cardstock, so there may be a very slight perceived difference in the same color painted onthe embossed steel of your door.

Can I return the door or have my door repainted if the color doesn’t match my sample?

Yes, if the door is not within one shade (1.0 Delta E as read by our spectrophotometer) of the reference paint sample supplied. Please notify your dealer within one month (or 30 days) of installation.

What is 1.0 Delta E?

Delta E is a measurement that is often used to represent the distance between colors. All eyes have their own unique tolerances for color differences, but 1.0 Delta E is the smallest color difference the average human eye can see. As colors on the spectrum vary, so does the amount that 1.0 Delta E represents. For example, the same distance in Delta Es between two yellows and two blues may not look the same to the human eye.

What about fading?

Naturally and over time, the paint on any surface that receives sunlight will fade. Depending on which direction your home or business faces, your climate, and what material the paint is on, the paint will fade at different rates. For customers in environments with a lot of sunlight, we recommend considering colors that are lighter and less likely to fade in direct sunlight. We offer a limited warranty for five years against fading more than 5.0 Delta E as read by our spectrophotometer. See warranty documents for details.

Can I get a color chip of what the actual paint color will be?

Yes. Just let your dealer know that you would like a color chip. Due to the setup process and paint used, we do charge a fee for paint samples. Color chips are produced on cardstock, so there might be a slight perceived difference in the same color painted on the embossed steel of your door.

I sent a paint sample in. Can I get that back please?

Yes. Please let your dealer know that you would like to receive your paint sample back when you submit a paint sample. There may be a small charge for returning your sample.

What if my door gets scratched? How do I fix that?

We know life happens and garage doors get used as basketball backstops, hockey goals and so much more. To make life a little bit easier, we’ll include a bottle of touch up paint with your door. If you have to replace an entire section, we will keep your paint color on file and will be able to use that to make the replacement section. See website for painting instructions.

I need a replacement section on my custom-color door. How do I get that?

Contact your Wayne Dalton dealer to let them know you need a replacement section. Your order and custom color will be in our system and we can make the replacement section with the information you’ve already provided.

How long will it take for me to get my door?

The lead time for the TruChoice® process, once your color is approved and the order placed, is the normal lead time to build your door plus three days for the painting process. The door will ship out on the next truck going to your dealer.

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