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Key Product Features

  • Max Width: 20’2” (5150) and 26'2" (5200)
  • Max Height: 20’1”
  • 27-gauge exterior steel
  • Polyurethane insulation, R-value*=12.12 (5150) and 16.22 (5200)
  • 1-3/8” Section Thickness (5150) and 1-7/8" (5200)
  • Variety of colors and two bi-directional wood grain finishes (5150)

*Wayne Dalton uses a calculated door section R-value for insulated doors.

Model Comparison Chart


​Model 5150

​3-layer construction: Steel/Insulation/Steel 1-3/8" thick steel panels






10-Year Limited​​

​Model 5200

3-layer construction: Steel/Insulation/Steel 1-7/8" thick steel panels​






10-Year Limited​

IECC® Compliant

The ThermoMark™ 5150 and 5200 meet IECC® requirements for maximum U-factor of operable fenestrations (2015 Section C402.4) with a 3rd party certified tested value of less than 0.37. ThermoMark™ 5150 and 5200 also meets the ASHRAE 90.1 and IECC® requirement for maximum air leakage for fenestration assemblies (2015 Section C402.5.2 Garage doors) with a 3rd party certified tested value of less than 0.40.

Door Options

Panel Options

Double Car Window

double car window 

*Available only on Model 5150

Optional Window Placement

horizontal window
Horizontal Windows shown
with Clear III windows
vertical window
Vertical Windows shown
with Clear III windows
all window option
All Windows shown with
Clear III windows

Windows may be arranged vertically or horizontally on Colonial, Ranch and Contemporary designs. Windows placed in the bottom section of a door must use DSB 1/8", or tempered, or 1/2" insulated glass. The All Window option is only available on Model 5150 Flush panel with Clear I or Clear III windows. Not all windows available on all door sizes. See dealer for details. 

Options & Accessories

  • Jamb seal
  • High cycle springs (25k, 50k, 100k)
  • 3” track
  • Chain hoist operation
  • Motor operation
  • Broken cable devices
  • Sensing edges
  • Photo eyes
  • Special track designs
  • Mullions

Impact Panel

Wayne Dalton’s optional Impact Section replaces the traditional bottom section on doors exposed to damage from forklifts and other warehouse traffic.

  • Reduces downtime and costly repairs
  • Impact-Resistant composite skins surround an expanded polystyrene core
  • Fully  adaptable to multiple door thicknesses with hinge and section adapters to provide a superior fit
  • Available for 21" and 24" sections
  • Available from 8’2” to 16’2” wide in one-foot increments

Wind Safe logo 

Impact Rated logo 

*Static and Impact Wind Load designs are certified by the state of Florida (FBC), Miami Dade (NOA), and the Texas Department of Insurance (TDI), and the designs are compliant with the 2015 IBC.

Color Options
  • White sectional steel
  • Almond sectional steel
  • Taupe sectional steel
  • Terra Bronze sectional steel
    Terra Bronze
  • Brown sectional steel door
  • Black sectional steel door

Stain Color Options
  • Golden Oak sectional steel door
    Golden Oak Stain*
  • Walnut Stain sectional steel door
    Walnut Stain*
  • Mission Oak sectional steel door
    Mission Oak*

Stucco Color Options
  • White Pinstripe sectional steel door
    White Pinstripe
  • Almond Pinstripe sectional steel door
    Almond Pinstripe
  • Taupe Pinstripe sectional steel door
    Taupe Pinstripe
  • Brown Pinstripe sectional steel door
    Brown Pinstripe
  • Black Pinstripe sectional steel door
    Black Pinstripe

Model 5150 Sonoma and Sonoma Ranch panel only

  • Standard Paint options are available for Colonial, Ranch, Sonoma, Flush
  • Stucco finishes are only available on the Stucco-Embossed Pinstripe panel and Model 5200.

Custom Color

These models are available with the TruChoice™ Color System, Wayne Dalton’s custom painting process that offers more than 6,000+ colors.

true choice colors 

Online color swatches are only digital reproductions of actual standards and will vary in appearance due to differences in monitor and video card output. These digital representations should not be used to finalize color selection(s). Please contact your local Wayne Dalton Dealer for actual color samples to match with your home or business.