Wood Panel Garage Doors 7100

Wood Panel Garage Doors 7100

It Doesn’t Get More Authentic Than Wood Panel Garage Doors

Our handsome carriage house garage doors are known for their authentic style and durability. And nothing says “authentic” like wood panel garage doors. Wayne Dalton’s 7100 Series of carriage house wood doors is inspired by the magnificent equines often sheltered behind their sturdy doors at horse farms and racetracks across the nation.

Along with their distinctive wood panel garage doors, all of the carriage house wood doors in this elegant collection feature a classic swing-open appearance and detailing that meld perfectly with all the modern-day convenience of a standard sectional garage door.

Limited Warranty

Wayne Dalton offers a Limited Warranty on this garage door. Please reference the warranty document for details.

There’s a Reason Classic Wood panel garage doors is so Coveted

Known for its practical, understated elegance, wood panel garage doors area time-honored aesthetic that has been a design staple at posh and humble properties for centuries. Wayne Dalton is proud to honor the tradition with our 7100 Series.

As always, there are no shortcuts in expert craftmanship. Every door is built by hand using techniques and traditions honed over generations by American woodworkers. We are honored to collaborate with talented Amish craftsmen in Mt. Hope, Ohio—along with artisans in Centralia, Washington. Both groups are known for their exceptional talent and eye for detail.


Our 7100 Series is made with paint or stain grade wood with optional insulation (R-value* up to 7.6). These wood panel garage doors are built with 1-5/8” thick rail and stile construction with panel inserts.

*Wayne Dalton uses a calculated door section R-value for our insulated doors.


door construction of model 7100

  1. Rail

  2. Stile

  3. Glazing

  4. Plywood

  5. Panel Insert

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