Carriage House Style Wood Doors 7400

Carriage House Style Wood Doors 7400

Carriage House Wood Doors Inspired by the Greats

You don’t have to be a horse racing enthusiast to appreciate the beauty of our carriage house wood doors. Wayne Dalton’s unique collection pays tribute to the equestrian tracks where Secretariat, War Emblem and other champions thundered their way to glory—Del Mar, Preakness, Churchill, Remington, Belterra, Saratoga and Belmont.

Closer to home, you’re sure to find stunning handcrafted carriage house wood doors the perfect finishing touch that can transform the appearance of your home’s exterior and greatly enhance its curb appeal.

All of the carriage house wood doors in our 7400 series feature a classic swing-open appearance and detailing along with the modern-day convenience of a standard sectional garage door. Choose from fifteen distinctive panel designs with a variety of facing options that ensure you get the perfect door.

Limited Warranty

Wayne Dalton offers a Limited Warranty on this garage door. Please reference the warranty document for details.

Craftsmanship You Won’t Find in Other Carriage House Wood Doors

What makes Wayne Dalton carriage house wood doors so distinctive? Without question, it is beautiful workmanship. Every door is built by hand using time-honored traditions honed over generations by American woodworkers. We are honored to collaborate with talented Amish craftsmen in Mt. Hope, Ohio—along with artisans in Centralia, Washington. Both groups are known for their exceptional talent and eye for detail.


Meticulously crafted from hemlock, western red, knotty cedar, Douglas fir and mahogany woods, our carriage house wood doors are as solid as they are handsome. Each two-inch-thick door boasts durable four-layer construction designed to weather the elements while maintaining its classic good looks. Thermally efficient insulation (R-value* up to 4.75) is also available upon request.

Our 7400 Series is made with paint or stain grade wood with optional insulation (R-value* up to 4.75). These doors are built with four-layer construction and are approximately 2” thick**.

*Wayne Dalton uses a calculated door section r-value for our insulated doors.
** Thickness may vary slightly depending on wood type

Door Construction

construction of the Carriage House Style Wood Garage Doors 
  1. Rail

  2. Glazing

  3. Wood over Trim

  4. Polystyrene insulation

  5. Plywood

  6. Diagonal Trim

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