Advanced Rolling Grilles Model 600 ADV

Advanced Rolling Grilles Model 600 ADV

The Model 600 ADV Advanced Rolling Grille is three times faster than a standard rolling grille and with a springless design, it provides high cycle performance for longer system life. In today’s marketplace, security and low maintenance are key to business survival in an increasingly competitive environment. To assist your business in driving these key initiatives, Wayne Dalton provides an Advanced Performance solution as an option to create a high-performance environment. Model 600 ADV provides lasting durability as well as security to make it your top choice for an Advanced Rolling Grille. Ideal for high cycle applications.

Ideal Applications Include:

Parking Garages   |   Industrial Manufacturing Facilities    |   Government and Public Facilities    |    Auto Dealerships    |    Warehouses    |    Airports    |    Retail Shops    |    Mall Shops


Standard ConstructionModel 600 ADV
Max. Width*30 4"'
Max. Height*14' 4"
Total Area**240 ft2*
Spring Cycle300,000
Opening Speed24" per second
Closing Speed12" per second
MountingFace of wall
OperationDirect drive, motor/gearbox/brake assembly with a manual hand chain for power outages
Supply Voltage230V AC 3-phase
Control PanelNEMA 4X rated; variable frequency drive, self-diagnostics, timer to close programming options and non-resettable cycle counter are included
CurtainHeavy duty galvanized steel links and rods with mill aluminum spacer tube
Curtain PatternStraight lattice 9" center vertical links with 2" center rod spacing
Door RollDirectly driven, springless steel tube roll with integral shafts, keyed on the drive end and supported by self-aligning greaseable sealed bearings
Bottom BarTubular extruded aluminum with mill finish
Guides3 structural steel angles
Powder CoatingBlack
Safety FeaturesBuilt-in brake mechanism Photoelectric sensors with commercial-grade guards Wireless monitored safety edge Motor cover

*Maximum height and width are independent of each other and may vary based on slat profile, material and gauge. Larger sizes may be available. Consult dealer for more information
**Dependent upon the curtain material and pattern. Consult factory for sizes not listed above


High-Quality Design

  • The wear resistance guide system has UHMW wear strips on both the outer and middle angles of the guides to significantly reduce wear between the curtain and guide
  • Springless barrel high cycle design allows for the door system to be opened and closed frequently creating asset longevity and reliable performance over extended time without having to incur the cost of spring replacement
  • The direct-drive heavy-duty gearbox system is a direct-mounted hypoid gear drive that eliminates the wear and tear from that of a conventional chain and sprocket drive system


  • High Strength links and solid rods provide security without sacrificing visual access or air exchange

Installer Friendly

  • The LCD control panels advanced diagnostics are used for fast and easy setup and troubleshooting

Safety Focused

  • Patent-pending built-in drop stop device provides additional peace-of-mind against uncontrolled curtain travel in a high vehicular traffic area
  • Fail-safe bottom safety edge is a continuously monitored sensing edge equipped with a mandatory reversing or sensing edge to prevent entrapment
  • Heavy-Duty Commercial Photo Eyes are photoelectric sensors to reverse the downward motion of the grille when a person or object enters its path


  • 60-Month Limited Warranty on motor
  • 24-Month/300,000 cycles Limited Warranty on door components