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Wind Load 101: Everything You Need to Know

Jun. 26, 2024

What You Need to Know About Wind and Your Garage Door

For most people, your garage door is the largest opening into your home. And in the event of a storm, if your garage door is damaged or compromised, your home could be at risk. Up to 80% of residential hurricane damage starts when wind enters the garage. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) considers the loss of a garage door to be one of the major factors contributing to hurricane storm damage.

Having a garage door that is properly wind load-rated is one of the best ways to be storm prepared (along with storm panels). We will walk you through what high winds can do to your garage and home and how to protect against damage with a wind load-rated door from Wayne Dalton™.


How to Protect Your Home:

To be prepared for high wind speeds, you would need a wind load-rated or impact-resistant garage door to avoid catastrophic damage.

Thankfully, Wayne Dalton offers many wind load-rated doors that can stand up to the wind speeds and pressure of extreme storms.

Wind Load-Rated Garage Door Options:


cedar plank wood grain garage door with stormy skies


The newest of the wind resistant door family are the Classic Steel Garage Doors—Models 9100 and 8300.

Not only are our wind load-rated garage doors stunning and architecturally enhancing to your curb appeal, but they offer additional thermal efficiency with foamed-in-place polyurethane insulation that could benefit your entire home and help cancel out street noise. With the ability to withstand wind with high speeds , you can rest easy the next time a storm hits.

Other Classic Steel options include Model 8300, 8500, 9100, 9605, 8000, 8200 8024 and 8224. So many style options give you the ability to pick a door that best matches your home without sacrificing wind safety. With so many finishes from distinct wood grain emboss to tongue-and-groove panel joints, you can find the right style with the right features for your home all with wind resistance.

If a traditional or modern style garage door doesn’t fit your needs, check out the Carriage House Steel Garage Doors in Model numbers 9405 and 8600. They provide ample charm and style but are made of strong steel that is ready to withstand whatever Mother Nature throws at it.

Another great option is Specialty Vinyl Model 8700. Vinyl is an exceptional option because of its ability to withstand debris, hail, sand and other extreme elements. Even if the door gets scratched or scraped, the damage will be easily camouflaged because the color of the door goes all the way through the material. In addition to being wind resistant, it is also UV resistant and will experience less fade from the sun. Ideal for coastal homes.

Feel Confident with A Wayne Dalton Garage Door:

No matter what garage door you choose to protect your garage and your home from a storm, choosing a Wayne Dalton garage door from the wind load catalogue is a strong choice. Select Wayne Dalton door systems to meet or exceed the following building codes or approval agency standards: International Building Code (IBC) and International Residential Code (IRC), Florida Building Code (FBC), Texas Department of Insurance (TDI), Miami-Dade County approved. Ensure you contact a local building professional, engineer or architect to understand your local code requirements and to identify the specific needs of your home. So, if you live in an area with strong winds, storms or hurricanes, consider a Wayne Dalton garage door for peace of mind the next time a storm rolls through .