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Key Product Features

  • Max Height: 14' 4" (4,369 mm)
  • Max Width: 30'4" (9,246 mm)
  • Max Total Area: 240 ft²*
  • Curtain: Heavy duty galvanized steel links and rods with mill aluminum spacer tube
  • Curtain Pattern: Straight lattice 9" center vertical links with 2" center rod spacing
  • Door Roll: Directly driven, springless steel tube roll with integral shafts, keyed on the drive end and supported by self-aligning greaseable sealed bearings
  • Hood: 24-gauge black painted steel
  • Guides: Three structural steel angles powder coated black
  • Bottom Bar: Tubular extruded aluminum with mill finish
  • Mounting: Face of wall
  • Operation: Direct drive, motor/gearbox/brake assembly with manual hand chain for power outages. 230V AC 3-phase is standard
  • Control Panel: NEMA 4X rated; variable frequency drive, self-diagnostics, timer to close programming options and non-resettable cycle counter are included. 
  • Safety Features: Built-in brake mechanism, photoelectric sensors with commercial grade guards, wireless monitored safety edge, motor cover
  • Opening Speed: 24" per second
  • Closing Speed: 12" per second

*Dependent upon the curtain material and pattern. Consult the factory for sizes not listed above.

drawing of advanced rolling grilles  
  1. Springless Barrel Design – Springless high cycle design allows for the door system to be opened and closed frequently creating asset longevity and reliable performance over extended time without having to incur the cost of spring replacement.

  2. Heavy-Duty Commercial Photo Eyes – Photoelectric sensors reverse the downward motion of the grille when a person or object enters its path.

  3. Direct-Drive Heavy Duty Gearbox and Motor with Built-In Breaking Device – Ideal for high cycle applications. No drive chain and sprocket to adjust and maintain. Braking mechanism protects against uncontrolled travel. Manual hand chain override for door operation during power loss.

  4. Wireless Safety Edge – Wireless, monitored safety edge reverses downward motion upon impact.

  5. NEMA 4X Control Panel with Built-In Variable Frequency Drive – Allows door to close at a slower speed than it opens to meet safety requirements. LCD readouts indicate door actions, alarms and fault conditions. Timer to close programming options and non-resettable cycle counter are included for maintenance and service reminders.


Terms: Five (5) year limited warranty on motor; Two (2) year limited warranty on door system components.

Door Options

Options & Accessories

  • Curtain pattern: Brick 4.5" on center vertical links with 2" on center rods spacing
  • Curtain material: Mill aluminum link, galvanized steel rod with mill aluminum spacer tube; Heavy-duty galvanized steel links and rods with mill aluminum spacer tube; Clear anodized aluminum link, galvanized steel rod, and clear anodized aluminum spacer tube. #4 or #2B stainless steel link, galvanized steel rod, and stainless steel spacer tube
  • Guides: Powder coat finish, zinc-enriched powder coat finish, stainless steel
  • Hood: 24-gauge powder coated steel, stainless steel with brush finish, powder coated aluminum
  • Actuators: Loop detectors, radio control, push buttons, motion detectors and pull cords (wireless accessories available)
  • Direct drive motor options available in 220/240V AC 1-phase, 460 or 575V AC 3-phase horsepower is appropriate to size and weight of door


RAL Powder Coat

Wayne Dalton also offers approximately 200 powder coat options to complement the exterior colors of a building.

color for advanced rolling grille systems

Online color swatches are only digital reproductions of actual standards and will vary in appearance due to differences in monitor and video card output. These digital representations should not be used to finalize color selection(s). Please contact your local Wayne Dalton Dealer for actual color samples to match with your home or business.

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