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Garage Door Price

What Influences the Cost of a Garage Door?

When considering what to spend on your next garage door, you need to consider the value as well. Learn why investing a little more now in your garage door can benefit you for years to come.

There are many things that can influence the price of a garage door, such as style, type of material and size. Wayne Dalton offers a complete line of garage door selections ranging from premium to economical and everything in-between.

When considering what to spend, you need to consider the value as well. This purchase is not made often. Investing a little more now could benefit you for many years, as well as raise the value of your home.

In fact, according to Remodeling magazine, upgrading your garage door is one of the top ranked home improvement projects for return on investment, and allows you to recoup most of what you spend when you sell your home.

To learn more about price options for Wayne Dalton products, talk to an authorized Wayne Dalton dealer. To find one near you, be sure to visit our dealer locator.

How much do garage doors cost?

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