How Much Should I Invest in a Garage Door?

dark colored garage door with windows

Believe it or not, garage doors can be more affordable than you might think. Most people guess that garage doors cost more than twice the amount they are.

Not only can garage doors be more affordable but it’s worth the investment when it allows you to recoup most of what you spend when you sell your home, according to Remodeling Magazine. The average homeowner is usually surprised when they find out how reasonably priced and beneficial garage doors can be when it comes to receiving a good return on investment. Additionally, it increases your home’s curbside appeal to then have an attractive and functional garage door. If you want to start creating a home that is more engaging from the outside, garage door replacements can be a sound investment. According to the Cost & Value Report from Remodeling Magazine, the national average for garage door replacement provides almost a 95% ROI. This is due to the perceived selling price of a home and the style of the garage door. Investing in your garage door can take your curb appeal a long way. So how much should you spend on your garage door? Generally, the garage door should be approximately 1% of the value of your home?