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Shop Wayne Dalton at Lowe’s

Looking for a new garage door? Through Lowe’s, we offer a wide selection of models, sizes, colors, panel designs, windows, and hardware options to truly customize your door and enhance curb appeal.

Whether you’re in the market for a replacement or an upgrade, Lowe’s and Wayne Dalton have you covered.

Find a Lowe's near you

Special Order

Visit a Lowe’s store near you to explore the largest offering through our special order program. An associate will help determine the best door configuration for you and input the order. A local Wayne Dalton dealer will then reach out as your contact to set up site inspection, confirm the order, and installation. Once installed, your local dealer can be your resource for future services as needed.

Four models are available for special order.

Classic Steel Model 9100
Classic Steel Model 9605
Classic Steel Model 8300
Classic Steel Model 6600

In Stock & Online

If you’re in need of a garage door same day, a limited selection of garage doors are available at Lowe’s stores.

Visit to see select Wayne Dalton products available for delivery or store pick up.

Classic Steel Model 9100
Classic Steel Model 9605

DIY vs Professional Installation

Our garage doors through Lowe’s offer both self installation or professional installation options to fit your needs.

Classic Steel Models 9100 & 9605 are available for both DIY or professional installation, while Classic Steel Model 8300 and Carriage House Steel Model 6600 require a Wayne Dalton dealer for door installation.

The video below has been created to aid the DIY installation experience.
*This video is only meant to be supplemental to the provided instructions - follow all directions and safety warnings provided in the enclosed instructions closely*

video how to install garage door

Measuring Guide

Correct garage door measurements are crucial for efficient garage door installation & operation. This guide is provided for use in measuring existing garage doors to ensure accuracy when ordering a new door.

  1. Width - Exact finished opening width – should equal the same size as the existing door

  2. Height - Exact finished opening height – should equal the same size as the existing door

  3. Sideroom - Distance from the edge of the door opening to any wall or obstruction

  4. Headroom - Distance from the top of the finished existing door opening to the ceiling or underside of joists

  5. Room Depth - Distance from the finished door opening to the back point where hardware or the opener will extend

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