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Key Product Features

  • Max Height: 7’ (2,133 mm)
  • Max Width: 18' (5,486mm) up to 20' (6,096 mm)
  • Mounting: Face mount; between jambs
  • Operation: Manual push-up
  • Curtain: 2" galvanized steel flat slats (#17 profile), primed and painted gray, white, brown or beige; 22-gauge steel with alternating endlocks.
  • Locking: Curtain to be locked at each end of bottom bar by concealed slide bolts.
  • Bottom Bar: Single angle galvanized steel bottom bar fitted with a continuous vinyl bumper to protect counter top
  • Guides: Extruded aluminum clear anodized with continuous wool pile strips
  • Brackets: Steel plates, factory painted black
  • Counterbalance: Steel pipe, factory painted black, of adequate size to restrict a maximum deflection of .033" per linear foot; oil tempered torsion type
  • Hood: 24-gauge galvanized steel square hood; primed and painted gray
  • Warranty: 12 months

Slat Profiles

slat profile 17 for rolling counter shutters
No. 17 
Flat-faced slat up to 22-gauge steel, 22-gauge stainless steel, or 16 B&S gauge aluminum (clear or bronze anodized). Depth: 1/2", 1 7/8" on centers.
ventilated slat profile for rolling counter shutters
Slat consists of 1/16" diameter hole offering 20-25% open area over length of each slat. Available in galvanized steel and stainless steel.

See Model 500 Slat Profiles document for more profiles and details.

The high quality, interlocking slats on the rolling counter shutter are available in galvanized steel, stainless steel or aluminum for long-lasting durability. The box type guides are designed to reduce operational noise as well as to conceal the fasteners used to attach the shutter to the jamb resulting in quieter operation and greater visual appeal. A square hood cover encloses the curtain coil and counterbalance mechanism giving a clean, professional appearance.

The counterbalance assembly utilizes a spring barrel design which encases the mechanism while providing an axis around which the curtain coils. Oil-tempered, torsion-type counterbalance springs are wound from steel, providing accuracy in balancing the door. A spring tension adjusting wheel is normally mounted outside the bracket on the end of the tension rod. An inside adjusting wheel is standard on manual lift up shutters and is available in limited sizes for tight sideroom applications.

Door Options

Options & Accessories

  • Operation: Crank, motor, tube motor
  • Slat options; Various gauges in steel, stainless steel, extruded aluminum; perforation (steel or stainless steel only)
  • Finish: Stainless steel #4, aluminum anodized finishes, powder coat (RAL and custom)
  • Locking: Slide bolts, thumb turn cylinder (interlock potion on motorized doors)
  • Bottom bar: Extruded aluminum; tubular; sensing edge: electric or pneumatic
  • Brackets: Stainless steel, aluminum
  • Hood: Stainless steel, aluminum
  • Other options: Operator controls, counter cutouts, mullion system, facia
    *Aluminum shutters up to 18' wide. Steel & stainless steel up to 15' wide

Operation Options

  • Manual lift
  • Crank
  • Motor
Color Options
  • white rolling counter shutters
  • gray rolling counter shutters
  • beige rolling counter shutters
  • brown rolling counter shutters

Anodized Aluminum Finishes
  • white Anodized Aluminum Finishes for rolling counter shutters
  • bronze Anodized Aluminum Finishes counter shutter door

RAL Powder Coat
Wayne Dalton also offers approximately 200 powder coat options to complement the exterior colors of a building.

color options for rolling counter shutters

Online color swatches are only digital reproductions of actual standards and will vary in appearance due to differences in monitor and video card output. These digital representations should not be used to finalize color selection(s). Please contact your local Wayne Dalton Dealer for actual color samples to match with your home or business.

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