DaltonDock™ Equipment

Discover the pinnacle of loading dock equipment efficiency with Wayne Dalton, setting industry standards for the fastest installation and unparalleled safety. Our products not only promise rapid deployment to minimize downtime but also adhere to the highest ANSI safety standards, ensuring top-tier protection for installers, operators, and cargo. Experience unmatched durability and ease of operation with our state-of-the-art dock solutions, designed to enhance productivity and safety in every use.

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mechanical pit leveler

Mechanical Pit Leveler

Streamlined design for ease and durability: Our mechanical pit leveler boasts a hassle-free installation with pit height adjusters that eliminate the need for shimming. The robust design ensures smooth building-to-truck transitions and ergonomic features, including an easy release chain, make maintenance a breeze. Simplify your loading process with our efficient, user-friendly levelers.

Mechanical Pit leveler

close view of edge of dock equipment

Edge of Dock

Our Edge of Dock Leveler sets new standards in durability, ease of use, and safety. The lug style lip hinge and compliance with ANSI 30.1 provide class leading durability. The powder coated finish is extremely durable and also cures with a textured surface for class leading non-slip protection, traction and safety. The deck/lip surface provides a smooth and safe path. The operating handle is easy to push and pull.