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New Classic Steel Residential Garage Door

Aug. 30, 2017

Since the 1950s, steel raised-panel garage doors have been North America’s most favored door due to their long-term durability. Staying true to the door’s dependable roots, Wayne Dalton has launched a new residential Classic Steel Model 9605 garage door, to replace the recently retired Model 9600. Model 9605 offers many of the same features, including a steel back color-matched to the front door for standard color options, as well as enhanced safety and performance functions. 


classic steel garage door close up
Classic Steel Garage Door Model 9605


“Wayne Dalton is dedicated to providing affordable garage door solutions that satisfy the needs of our customers through high-quality designs at a variety of price points,” said Wayne Dalton Vice President of Sales Pat Duffy. “Model 9605 Classic Steel garage doors will provide nothing short of excellent performance, safety and durability.”

Model 9605’s robust safety features include a pinch-resistant profile that pushes fingers out of harm’s way when the garage door is closing. This Classic Steel garage door also incorporates a tamper-resistant safety bottom bracket and the TorqueMaster® Plus, a counterbalance system designed to help prevent injury by safely containing the spring inside a steel tube.

To match virtually any taste, popular options including most window designs and colored glass are available, and the door can be customized with five exterior designs (Sonoma, Sonoma Ranch, Contemporary, Colonial and Ranch) and six different colors (White, Almond, Taupe, Brown, Gray, Green and Desert Tan).


classic steel garage door on house
Classic Steel Garage Door Model 9605

The Model 9605 residential garage door is backwards compatible with the Model 9600 for non-wind load options, allowing customers to replace up to two sections of Model 9600 with the new 9605, and up to one section with no change in the spring. Additional performance capabilities include a bottom weather seal to help block draft and debris from entering the garage, hurricane-level center hinges and horizontal integral struts at the top and bottom of each door section which add rigidity and strength for an extended life cycle and smooth operation.

Model 9605 comes with Wayne Dalton’s limited lifetime warranty.


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