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Garage Door Maintenance For Cold Weather

Nov. 3, 2017

Do you have a garage door that quits working when the weather gets cold?  Cold weather can make your garage vulnerable to the harsh winter elements. Make sure you keep up with proper garage door maintenance so you won’t be left out in the cold.

Although keeping your garage door in the best shape possible year-round is ideal, it's especially important at the onset of cold weather. To help you prepare for the changing seasons, here are a few tips for garage door maintenance for cold weather:

Check The Weather Strip

Since you use your garage door every day, wear and tear are inevitable. However, if you begin to feel a draft near your door, it’s time to contact your local garage door professional for service. Weather stripping at the bottom of the door can often crack after extended use and allow cold air and moisture to seep in, which can eventually freeze your door shut.

Lubricate Moving Parts

It’s important to regularly lubricate all moving metal parts as these tend to stick and stall-out in colder weather. Before worrying, try a spray-on lubricant on your garage door’s springs, rollers, tracks, bushings, and hinges. If your door isn’t gliding smoothly, leave it to the experts.

Examine The Cables

Your garage door uses high-tension cables to lift and lower it daily. Even though these cables are incredibly strong — they can’t last forever. Any signs of fraying should be a cause for concern because winter’s bitter cold can make these cables brittle and lead to further damage. As a reminder, never attempt to repair or replace these cables yourself because of the extreme tension they’re under means they can snap and cause severe or fatal injuries.

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Need help with your garage door maintenance for cold weather? Call your local Wayne-Dalton Dealer.


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