Halloween Stickers for Garage Door

Garage Door Halloween Decorations

Oct. 13, 2020

The spookiest time of the year has arrived! Many homeowners only think about their yards and front porches when decorating their homes for Halloween, but they overlook the biggest canvas of them all— the garage door. With the garage door often being a huge focal point to one's home, why not make it the centerpiece for your ideas to come to life this holiday?


Festive Halloween Bats

Whether you are looking to decorate scary or fun, here are our favorite Halloween garage doors from Pinterest to take your festive theme to the next level!


halloween bats on garage doorFestive Halloween Bats


Simple Yet Spooky

To elevate the Halloween vibes of your home, decorate your Wayne Dalton garage door with an eye-catching design. From spider webs to a flock of bats or a jack-o-lantern theme, all you need is tape, construction paper or cloth to make any idea you may have come to life. This idea is very inexpensive and full of spooky possibilities that would look perfect on our stylish and versatile Carriage House Steel garage door.

To be extra careful, be sure to cut the tape and paper between the door sections, so it doesn't pull off when opening and closing the garage door.

halloween spiker webs on garage doorsSpider Webs on Garage Door


The Monster Mash

For those looking for that 'scare' factor, try turning your garage door into this jaw-dropping monster (literally!). With some tape, cloth or paper, homeowners can easily recreate this design and your home will surely be the most haunting to all that enter. This idea is perfect for those looking for an easy clean up. Plus, it will have your neighbors singing "he did the monster mash" all night long. For an extra spook, use the monster mouth as the entrance to a haunted house.

halloween monster mouth garage doorMonster Mouth on Garage Door


Witches Brew

Now this garage door might put a spell on you! Fans of iconic witch-themed Halloween movies like Hocus Pocus will love this dramatic backdrop. By cutting out these creepy figures with construction paper or cardboard and adding backlighting to your Classic Steel garage door, you can create an eerie scene for trick-or-treaters.

halloween witches on garage doorWitches on Garage Door


Bad To The Bone

While these dancing skeletons might not be the scariest, they sure put us in the spooky spirit! This family-friendly decoration creates a perfect, fun aesthetic that will be sure to complete your Halloween decorations. If you already have a black garage door, you're halfway there. Create this design by either using a cloth or tape and paper to get the black background. For a one-step solution, consider ordering a Halloween mural backdrop to make your door come alive.

halloween skeletons dancing on garage doorDancing Skeletons on Garage Door


It's Alive

If you want to really get people's skin-crawling, placing these hand cut outs on the windows of your garage door will do the job. Your hand and a little red window paint can go a long way to master this scene. Simply apply a generous amount of window paint to your hands and smear 'bloody' handprints on your garage windows. Heighten the spook level by utilizing the large full-view glass panels on our Aluminum Glass garage doors, we promise you won 't regret it!

halloween hands on garage door
Scary Hands on Garage Door


Whether you are a DIY pro or not, you can have a blast decorating your garage door. All you need is a little imagination and your door can be boo-tiful! Keep it simple or spooktacular, but make sure you include your Wayne Dalton garage door in the Halloween fun this year! And, if you do, don't forget to mention us on social media using the hashtag #WayneDalton. 


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