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Why a Wayne Dalton Garage Door Replacement is the Smartest Home Update for 2024

May. 3, 2024
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If you’re thinking about what the best way to enhance your home is, we’ve got some exciting news to share. Based on Remodeling Magazine’s 2024 Cost vs. Value (CVV) Report by Zonda, topping the list for home improvement projects with the highest return on investment (ROI) is—drumroll, please—a garage door replacement!

Why Are Garage Doors Such a Hot Ticket This Year

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Wayne Dalton Garage Doors

Just to give you a bit of context, this year’s Cost vs. Value Report evaluated the average costs for 23 different remodeling projects and compared them to the value these projects retain at resale across 150 U.S. markets. This year, exterior improvements have once again proven to be the champions of home renovations, offering the highest ROIs. And we’re sure you can already guess what’s leading the charge: replacing your garage door, which can fetch an astounding 194% ROI on average, nationally. That’s even better than other popular updates like new entry doors and adding stylish stone veneer. It’s also important to note the ROI on garage doors saw a notable jump this year, doubling in value compared to 2023.

In our current market, where buyers are navigating high-interest rates and leveraging their home equity, making your home stand out with something like a stunning new garage door can be a pivotal element. Especially for those discerning buyers looking for a move-up, a top-notch garage door could be the detail that clinches the deal and seals the sale.

More Than Just a Door—It’s a Lifestyle & Curb Appeal Upgrade

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Carriage House Steel Collection

Here at Wayne Dalton, we see your garage door as a pivotal part of your home’s charm and daily function. It’s not just a shield for your car; it's the backdrop for your early morning workouts, your weekend DIY projects and maybe even where your small business comes to life! Most importantly, a garage door can take up to one-third of your home’s facade, making it a key focal point of your home’s exterior. A new garage door doesn’t just secure your space; it refreshes it and enhances how you live.

Plus, we’re all about combining functionality with style. Upgrading to one of our sleek, durable garage doors not only beautifies your home but also plays a significant role in boosting its market appeal. This fits perfectly with what experts noted in the CVV Report—curb appeal is crucial and can significantly influence your home’s market value.

Your Friendly Experts at Wayne Dalton

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For 70 years now, Wayne Dalton has been a trusted name in bringing innovative and appealing solutions to your doorstep—quite literally! As a world-class total door and dock solutions provider, our garage doors are crafted to exceed your expectations, marrying style with strength in every design. We’re committed to elevating your home with products that not only look great but last long and function flawlessly.

So, if you’re eyeing a practical update that beautifies, secures and increases the value of your home, look no further than a garage door replacement with us. It’s more than just a home improvement—it’s a smart investment into your property’s future.


Ready to boost your home’s curb appeal and value? Choose Wayne Dalton to make a profound statement with your home, benefiting from our comprehensive solutions and enduring quality.

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