Fabric-Shield® Storm Panels and Pull-Down Shutters

Fabric-Shield® Storm Panels and Pull-Down Shutters are wind load-rated reinforcement options that offer you tools to help protect your home or business during the peak of hurricane season.

Storm Protection for Windows and Doors

When you only have a brief time to prepare for a storm, having a quick, easy, cost-effective option for storm protection can be the difference between a small and large amount of damage. Both Fabric- Shield® Storm Products are specifically designed and manufactured to help protect your home or building structure against flying debris and high wind speeds. Popular in coastal regions, other areas with high winds and extreme weather are also adopting impact-resistant products. Fabric -Shield® panels are quickly becoming the product of choice among builders across the country, adding value, superior performance and peace of mind for the new home or business owner. These high strength, flexible membrane panels can withstand the strongest hurricane force winds and deflect large and small missiles to protect your building even after the glass breaks. 

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