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3 Ways to Save with a New Garage Door

Jun. 7, 2024

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Upgrading Your Garage Door Provides Surprising Benefits

You really want to update your garage door. Maybe it’s not working very well, or you just want to refresh your curb appeal. Whatever your reason, upgrading your garage door could help you save big. Here are three surprising ways a new garage door can save you money.


1. Energy Cost: How Insulation Can Help Reduce Your Bill

If your garage door is not well insulated, your home could be less energy efficient, and you could be losing money on your electricity bill. All the cool air in the summer and warm air in the winter could be escaping through your garage door and costing you money. If you upgrade to a new garage door with proper insulation, this could help save money on your electricity bill and make your home feel more comfortable.


R-value and U-factor: What You Need to Know

But how do you know what type of insulated garage door is right for your climate?

Garage doors can be insulated with various materials, but the two most common are polystyrene and polyurethane. Most Wayne Dalton™ garage doors use one of these two types of garage door insulation.

In the garage door industry, there are two types of thermal ratings, U-factor and R-value. The U-factor measures how heat and cold is transferred through the garage door. If a garage door has a low U-factor, this means the garage door is well insulated. The R-value measures how well a garage door resists heat transfer. If a garage door is well insulated, you can slow or stop the transfer of heat and cold through the door. The higher the R-value, the better the garage door at keeping heat and cold from passing through it.

Selecting a door with a good U-factor and R-value is key to getting a garage door that will keep your house be more energy efficient and save you money each month on your electricity bill.



2. Return on Investment and Curb Appeal: Improve Your Home Value with a New Garage Door

If you have your eye on a new garage door to improve your home’s curb appeal, you’ll be happy to know that compared to other home improvement projects, getting a new garage door has the highest returns on investment for your home’s value. According to the 2024 cost versus value report , a garage door replacement can net a 194% return on investment. Be sure to upgrade that garage door to maximize on your profits, and a boost in curb appeal never hurts either.

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3. Weather Damage: Protecting Your Things with the Right Door

The final way a new garage door can save you money is by protecting your things inside your garage. If you choose the right garage door for your climate, it can make a huge difference in standing up to harsh weather and debris. If you live in an area that experiences a lot of storms or extreme weather, the right materials such as a wind load-rated garage door can significantly help keep your belongings safe from bad weather and water damage. Upgrading your garage door to one with storm rated materials could save you in the long run when hurricane or tornado weather strikes.


Between your energy bill, your home value and the safety of your belongings in the event of bad weather, upgrading your garage door can save money for years to come. Contact a Wayne Dalton professional to save money with a new garage door.