beautiful wood garage door

Beautiful Wooden Garage Door Designs

Jul. 5, 2017

Beautiful! That's one word to describe custom wooden garage doors. Real wood garage doors from Wayne Dalton are hand-built to meet your specific design criteria. With a custom designed wood garage door, you can design it to compliment your home's architectural style. Check out these 10 beautiful wood garage door designs that our Amish craftsmen in Mt. Hope, Ohio, and our wood artisans in Centralia, Washington created.


  1. Customized wood garage door Model 7103 Mustang with custom stain finish and 16 lite arched windows on The Property Brother's home in Las Vegas, NV.

    custom wood garage door model 7103

  2. Love, love, love how these custom wood doors compliment this very rustic home design.

    custom wood garage door model 7000

  3. Wood garage doors look great with homes that have stone exteriors just like our Model 7103 Mustang with custom stained finish and 24-lite arched windows on this home.

    custom wood garage door

  4. It's only right to have a custom wooden garage door on a log cabin style home.

    custom wood garage door

  5. Here's a flush wood garage door from our 40 Series which has a white painted finish and flush wood design which also makes it great for homes with modern exteriors.

    custom wood garage door model 40

  6. The exterior of this home just wouldn't look the same without these custom wood garage doors built of African Mahogany wood.

    custom wood garage door

  7. These rich and beautiful raised panel wood garage doors are from our 300 Series.

    custom wood garage door model 300

  8. This custom wooden garage door from our 7100 series looks stunning with the stone and dark wood trim on this home.

    custom wood garage door

  9. Another beauty! These wooden garage doors perfectly compliment this home's Tudor architectural style.

    custom wood garage door

  10. This wood garage door from our 7100 series (Model 7104 Palomino) on this home really pops with the light brick exterior.

    custom wood garage door

    As a reminder, it's important to reseal your wood doors each year to preserve their pristine appearance.

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