flexible bottom fabric high speed door

New Flexible Bottom High Speed Doors

Dec. 1, 2017

Wayne Dalton has launched High Speed Door Model 880 ADV-X, a flexible bottom interior high speed fabric door, to satisfy commercial applications where safety, reliability, and end-user focused features are of the utmost importance. Equipped with a flexible bottom, the new Model 880 ADV-X reduces damage in case of accidental collisions, unlike traditional models which feature a non-bending steel bottom. Thanks to its breakaway bottom bar design, robust operating and easy troubleshooting have been made possible.

“It’s important for warehouse and facility managers to have a safeguard to guarantee a streamlined workflow. Wayne Dalton’s Model 880 ADV-X is built for areas with heavy foot traffic and its innovative, flexible bottom design delivers an easier maintenance option for any commercial workspace,” said Mark Sawicki, Senior Product Manager at Wayne Dalton.

The Model 880 ADV-X high speed door can be reset back to its original position via breakaway self-repair. The door comes complete with safety measures, including wireless monitored reversing edge which stops and reverses the door when an obstruction is detected.


new high speed fabric doorFlexible Bottom High Speed Door Model 880


Ideal for separating controlled environments, such as healthcare facilities, Model 880 ADV-X doors allow facility managers to keep activities running efficiently thanks to opening speeds of up to 70” per second. Additional operational features include a strutless design which helps to lower the noise of the door for quiet and smooth activity while the inclusion of Wayne Dalton’s patent-pending curtain lock allows for easy repair in the field. Thanks to its high cycle, springless design, Model 880 ADV-X requires less interruption for maintenance and its variable frequency drive reduces sudden jolts from door start and stop. Additionally, its direct-mounted gear drive minimizes wear and tear.

The high speed fabric door is made of two lightweight layers of PVC-coated polyester with one layer of polyester weave and is available up to 12’x12’.