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Meet Irene: The Woman Behind Wayne Dalton’s Customer Service

In celebration of women around the world for their accomplishments on International Women’s Day, we’d like to recognize longtime Wayne Dalton employee Irene McRobie for her significant role over the past four decades in both the company and the lives of Wayne Dalton customers.

Irene currently serves as the Director of Customer Care at our Mt. Hope plant, overseeing a dedicated team of professionals who are tasked with all aspects of customer communication and order entry. “At the time I was hired, Wayne Dalton had just introduced the concept of having a dedicated customer service team which would be made up of three people. Before this was implemented anyone could answer the phone at any time,” added Irene.

Customer Service
Irene McRobie

Although Irene was not on this team and primarily handled pricing orders in her first role with Wayne Dalton, her supervisors asked that she fill in for a few days to answer phone calls while her coworker was on leave. To her surprise, she discovered she loved speaking directly with the customers and had a natural gift for communication. “Most people want to form a connection. It’s important for our customers to know they have someone on the other end of the phone that cares about them,” said Irene. Whether someone has a product-related question, needs to check shipment dates or wants to discuss their baseball teams’ most recent win, a Wayne Dalton Customer Care team member is there to provide support and build a lasting relationship.

In August, Irene will celebrate her 40th work anniversary with Wayne Dalton.

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