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Selling Garage Doors to Different Personality Types

Adjusting your sales approach to best reach each personality and consistently close deals

In 1964, industrial psychology and university professor, David W. Merrill, and psychologist, Roger Reid, created a personality model that helps to better understand and sell to various personality types. The model establishes four personality categories, The Director, The Analytical, The Socializer and The Amiable, based on the conclusions of two traits: introverted vs. extroverted and empathy-oriented vs. non-empathetic.

However, it should be noted that Reid and Merrill were aware that human behavior can vary from time to time. While there might be a dominant pattern of behavior that emerges, it is rare for someone to wholly be only one personality type.

Being able to read people and identify their personality type is an important skill for sales people. The sooner you can identify the type of person you are trying to sell to, the sooner you will be able to adjust your approach to form better relationships and consistently close deals!


Selling Garage Doors to Different Personality Types

The Director

A thwarted attempt of small talk at the beginning of the sales conversation may be the first clue you are dealing with a Director personality, as this type of customer thrives when achieving goals and moving at a quick pace. The Director likes to get down to business.

With this personality type, above everything else, competence is held in high regard and ignorance or the unprepared salesperson will not be tolerated. When asking questions and going through the sales process, Directors are most receptive when pitched that they are allowed to discover things on their own rather than be told, giving them the feeling that they are leading the conversation. Keep your questions specific while giving purposeful information, but only when needed. For example, ask what the goal is for their purchase of a new garage door. If it's to increase their resale value, a quick and effective selling point that Directors can appreciate is that the 2019 Cost vs. Value Report by Remodeling magazine named garage door replacements the top home improvement project nationwide for two years in a row. The study indicates that homeowners who choose to replace their garage door can expect, on average, a 97.5 percent return on investment (ROI) at resale. In select markets, that number could reach as high as 124 percent!

Of the four personality types, Directors are one of the easiest to persuade into a final sale if you can present your proposal quickly and effectively. Most Directors react quickly, so they often make decisions on the spur of the moment.

The Analytical

When an Analytical customer enters your store, you may notice they are generally quieter and may wait for you to initiate the conversation. However, this should not be a sign that they are not a serious buyer. In fact, this personality type has likely already done their research and checked Consumer Reports, as they tend to dwell on facts, prices and options.

The goal in selling to an Analytical is to prove the optimal value based on all needs and applications, as this personality type places immense importance on honesty and integrity. The one detail to remember when closing a sale with this personality type is that they will not decide until they know the worst-case scenario. It is important to be pleasant but straightforward when selling, as gimmicks will not work. Your selling tactic should focus on detail, logic and how the purchase would enhance their overall security and comfort. For example, a national consumer survey found that 71% of homeowners use garage door openers to get into their homes every day. Another survey by Impulse Research found that 55% of Americans spend one to two hours each week in the garage working on hobbies and other activities. If your customer is interested in utilizing garage door space for more than parking their car, consider suggesting Wayne Dalton's Model 8800 or Model 8850 Contemporary Aluminum garage doors. The design of these doors focuses on windows, allowing ample amounts of light to enter the garage when the door is closed without needing to use electricity. Standard product features include a flexible vinyl bottom that helps prevent dirt and debris from entering the enclosed space, tongue-and-groove joints to act as a great weather barrier and reinforced fins along with heavy-duty track and brackets to aid in years of smooth, trouble-free operation.

A salesman selling a garage door
Model 8800

Lastly, do not rush the decision-making process. Analytic personalities need to take a beat. They walked into your store or called you for a reason. They are interested and will make their final decision once the pros and cons are thoroughly weighed.

The Amiable

Amiable personality types value personal relationships and want to trust their business partners. If sold to properly, Amiables will be lifelong customers. How to spot an Amiable? For starters, Amiables are often seen as great listeners and tend to ask a lot of questions. You should notice this right off the bat if they ask personal questions in an attempt to get to know you outside of your professional role.

A good Amiable selling tactic is to lead with how the product you are selling has helped others and provide testimonials. Maximizing the "as seen on TV" factor, such as how garage doors have appeared on certain shows or have been used by celebrities, is a great talking point for Amiables and showcases how important Wayne Dalton garage doors are to building and design professionals across the country. It's a great idea to also keep on hand personal testimonials from customers you have serviced via posters in your dealership or sharing reviews on social media. The more relationship-based the process can be, the better, so you'll want to share news of all of your happy customers.

Additionally, while the personality of an Amiable typically craves excitement or new challenges, enthusiastically diving into finding creative or unexpected solutions, they likely will not have done a ton of research before beginning the buying process. This allows you to guide them through the purchasing process.

Like Analyticals, Amiables don't make decisions quickly. They want to establish rapport with the people they do business with and will likely seek out the help or approval of multiple team members. Expect a longer sales process than usual.

A salesman selling a garage door
The Wall Street Journal'" Mansion" section featured
Wayne Dalton doors installed by
  Quality Overhead Door in Toledo, Ohio. 

The Socializer

The Socializer is the customer that walks in and wants to have fun, tending to be open and energetic. This personality type can be impulsive and doesn't like to be bogged down with details, so focus on selling to them by demonstrating both the product and the company's track record of success. The Socializer wants to be included. Include them in your success.

Here are a couple quick humble brags to have on hand:

  • Wayne Dalton was selected as a finalist for its Luminous® all-glass, frameless glass garage doors in the Architizer A+Awards, the largest awards program in the world dedicated to honoring the year's best architecture, spaces and products.

  • At the end of 2019, Wayne Dalton doors will have been featured on two HGTV shows — Rock the Block and Hidden Potential — that showcases building and design experts teaching viewers the impact good curb appeal has on a home.

Like Amiables, personal relationships are very important to this personality type. If your company offers exceptional customer service and maintains long-term connections with its clients, standing in front of a Socializer is the right time to shout it from the rooftop. Product information and data is important, but Socializers will ultimately make their decision based on feelings of trust and a human connection. 

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