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New Simple Install System for Commercial Sectional Steel Doors

Simple Install System Option for Wayne Dalton commercial steel doors is now available on certain commercial sectional models including models 24112415C-24 and C-2400 The Simple Install System Option saves times and money. It is the ideal choice for warehouses, distribution centers or any project requiring dock doors. 

Our new simple install system is a time-saving, easy-to-install track and hardware system, perfect for warehouse applications.

Easy Installation 

The simple install system for commercial sectional doors comes with a single-piece vertical track and simplified hardware making it quick and easy to install. With fewer components and attachments it allows installers to spend less time sorting through parts and more time to get the door up and operating. All of the features of our simple-install system makes single-person installs quicker and easier for your installers. This means more commercial jobs can get completed in less time. 

Components Included:

One Piece Vertical Track

Having a one-peice vertical track will allow installers to quickly install the track to the wall without having to spend time connecting multiple tracks together. The one-piece vertical track is already preassembled so it makes installing a commercial sectional steel door even easier. 

Simplified Hardware

Since there are more parts pre-assembled when selecting the simple install option, the amount of hardware an installer has to assemble is also reduced. 

Cost Savings 

What are the cost savings for your dealership when selecting the simple install system option for a commercial sectional door? Warehouse projects ussually require a large amount of doors to be installed. The simple install system can reduce the time to install each door, quicker installs means lower labor costs. Quicker install time also allows you to be more competitve when bidding.

Door Compatibility 

What Wayne Dalton Door commercial sectional steel models are available with the simple install system? 

Models 2411, 2415, C-24, C-2400 

Available for doors: 8'0" to 10'2" wide and 9'1" or 10'1" tall 

Full-Vertical Lift 

For more information, please speak to your DSM or customer service team. 

View the Simple Install System Option Flyer.

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