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New High Speed Doors

Need for Speed

In our biggest launch of the year, we are bursting in to the world of high speed doors, bringing innovation to the category with five new options. Our new ADV-X line doors are versatile, economical and fast-acting. Models 881-885 offer specifications that will help builders, architects, business owners and dealers meet their commercial needs like never before.

The ADV-X line of new high speed doors is the supreme choice for a variety of applications. One of the most powerful, Model 885 is our Extreme Exterior High Speed Rubber door, made of a specially reinforced rubber, opening at speeds of up to 50 inches per second and withstanding winds up to 180 mph.

new high speed doors

Model 881 offers an independently-tested airtight design and opens up to 70 inches-per-second, making it our fastest high speed offering. Model 882 has opening speeds of up to 65 inches per second and comes with easy-to-replace panels. Its curtain struts are designed for easy replacement while minimizing the deflection that can typically affect the middle of the door. Both of these models are specialized for interior commercial applications.

The ADV-X High Speed doors are a continuation of the innovative designs and solutions customers have come to expect from us. This launch marks an entirely new selection of commercial doors that we’re able to provide for businesses, and we’re excited to put the petal to the metal and get started with customers that have high speed needs.

Models 883 and Model 884 are exterior fabric doors, perfect for manufacturing, warehouse, distribution, mining, transit, food and beverage or parking applications. Model 884 provides pressure resistance of up to 158 mph, one of the best in the industry when compared to similar doors in its category.

new high speed doors

These new high speed doors come standard with features ideal for commercial applications. Each model was designed to be low maintenance with a self-repairing breakaway feature that minimizes lost time to repair the door if it’s been hit and built-in impact detection, stopping the door from continuing to open or close when hit and minimizing further damage. ADV-X doors were also created to be high cycle, featuring a spring-less design, direct gear drive system and variable frequency drive. Safety features include two sets of infrared sensors to detect possible obstructions, a door stop device, and a wireless reversing safety edge. In addition to commercial applications select models of ADV-X doors can be used in cold rooms, clean rooms or pharmacy applications.

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