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How to have a Successful Business Relationship with your Manufacturer

WD Door of Iowa is taking over the blog this week to give their take on what it's like to be a Wayne Dalton Dealer:

We're WD Door, a Wayne Dalton dealer servicing the Central Iowa region. As a locally owned business, we make it a priority to provide the best customer service available to Des Moines and the surrounding communities that we not only live in, but depend on. Out of more than 2,000 Wayne Dalton dealers across the country, we rank in the top 20 for three reasons: customer service, partnering with an outstanding manufacturer, and leading the pack:

What Makes WD Door So Successful?

Customer Service

Our two owners, Steve Bouchard and Jeff Myers, were born and raised in Central Iowa and are both committed to excellence in providing our valued customers with the best quality experience in choosing the correct overhead door or operator.  Set by their example, all WD Door employees put a great deal of pride and integrity into our work.  We have a great team and work well together.  Because of our work ethic, much of our new business is a direct result of customer referrals. Wayne Dalton excels in their customer service to dealers as well.  Their warranty process is very easy to work with and they have a top notch customer service attitude as well.  David Holdsworth, Dustin Sawry and Amanda Stull make a great team in enabling us to be a successful small business.

Dealer Relations

Wayne Dalton is a world-class overhead door leader that designs and manufactures residential and commercial garage doors, and has been thriving for over 60 years. Born in rural Ohio, they have similar Midwestern values as we do. From the dealer perspective, they are a very proactive business partner that provides a wide variety of quality, easy-to-install products. Wayne Dalton simplifies the purchasing process by providing an easy quoting and ordering system, along with accurate and timely delivery times to our location. Less than 1% of our total product purchased with Wayne Dalton is backordered, allowing us to be more competitive in the ever changing market. With nine manufacturing facilities, 39 sales centers, and more than 2,000 independent dealers, both domestic and international, it's crucial that Wayne Dalton cultivates strong relationships with their dealers.

"Wayne Dalton is constantly working with dealers to get the feel for each individual market.  They know that each market has different needs and they try very hard to get those needs and wants to the dealers in a timely and cost-effective manner.  They do a good job of manufacturing garage doors not only through the eyes of a manufacturer but also through the eyes of a dealer." – Jeff Myers

Leader in Door Industry Trends 

Since Wayne Dalton is one of the leaders in the overhead door industry, we are too.  For example, Wayne Dalton's Model 523 Security Shutter provides attractive security with a compact design and comes pre-assembled for easy installation in areas with low headroom and sideroom requirements. This door is perfect for areas where looks are important, such as pharmacies, hospitals, offices, schools and other retail facilities. On the residential side, the latest trend is the steel garage door that resembles wood, both in color, texture, and richness. Customers demand variety, security, and uniqueness in the same package. Garage doors can add tremendous character to the façade of the home. Watch a short video on why our brand should be your next garage door purchase.

Ahead of the Competition

Years of experience, our crews and office staff, our customer service and the fact that we are involved in the lives of our employees sets us light years ahead of our competition. When clients see that we are an integrated team, it becomes obvious who to choose when contemplating hiring an overhead door company.  Our saying reflects this commitment: "WD Door, Security Overhead."

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