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Shades of Green Garage Doors

It’s St. Patrick’s Day, so we want to share a couple of our favorite garage doors painted in different shades of green. These homeowners brought the green together beautifully by coordinating the color of their garage door with the green exterior features on their home. 

This green garage door is our Carriage House Model 9405 that's custom painted in a darker shade of green to match the window shutters above the garage. The panel design of this garage door is our Newport panel with Stockton III windows. 

green garage doors available with custom paint

Below is another shade of green on model 9405. 
Home Builder Favorites include Wayne Dalton carriage house steel garage door - dark green
(Model 9405 Carriage House Steel, Westfield panel, Custom paint, Stockbridge windows)

A lighter shade of green was used on this garage door to match this home's siding and the lighter paint tones.  This door is a Carriage House Model 6600 with our Brunswick panel design and Stockbridge windows. 

green garage doors available with custom paint

Another light shade of green was used on this garage door to compliment the siding while also matching some of the home's exterior features like the green rectangular gable vents used for the attic space above the garage.  This garage door is a Carriage House Steel Model 9700 with our Westfield panel design and plain square windows. 

green garage doors available with custom paint


When replacing your garage door think about how adding color could dramatically increase the overall curb appeal of your home.  These green garage doors were custom painted using our TruChoice™ Color System, our custom paint process that offers more than 6,000 colors for garage doors. 

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