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Garage Door Trends in Canada

Canada, the Great White North, is the birthplace of hockey, poutine (Canadian comfort food – yum!)…and garage door trends? Over the last few years, we’ve seen several garage door trends come out of the Great White North. We journeyed 2,000 miles (3,219 km for you metric systemites) north where our friends at Creative Door Services took us on a tour of Edmonton and Calgary to show us what the garage door landscape is looking like in Canada.

Trends migrating south

Two trends that have already made their way to the states are vertically placed windows and black garage doors. Vertically placed windows are becoming more and more popular on modern homes and even some traditional homes that hope to have a more modern touch. With the cooler northern climate, black garage doors are popular in Canada and making their way south to the northern part of the US.

black garage door

Trending now in Canada

Home builders are creating neighborhoods full of color and coordinating the color of the garage door with the color of the house. With our TruChoice Color System, coordinating your garage door with your home has never been easier.

blue garage door

With the harsh winters, Canadians are foregoing wood garage doors in favor of fiberglass and wood grain steel doors. Our Designer Fiberglass doors offer the look of wood without all the maintenance a wood door requires.

garage door with vertical windows on one side
wood garage door with grooves

We thoroughly enjoyed our time with the great people at Creative Door Services and seeing the Alberta countryside!

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