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Garage Door Material - Top 3 Choices

The top three most popular garage door materials chosen by homeowners include steel, wood, and fiberglass. Not only are they reliable, but these materials are also strong and can easily complement any home. We’ve provided some key takeaways to help decide which door is right for you.

Steel Garage Doors 

Since the 1950s, steel raised panel garage doors have been North America’s most favored door due to their long-term durability. In addition to benefits such as high thermal efficiency, steel garage doors can be designed to match virtually any architectural style. Wayne Dalton’s Model 6600 has composite wood overlays to mimic a true carriage house wood door.

Not only can steel endure years of harsh elements, residential garage doors made of this material typically require minimal cleaning or touching up. This makes them a great option for homeowners looking for low maintenance and aesthetically pleasing door.

garage door material options - steel garage doors
(Model 6600, Arlington panel, White/White finish, Stockton III windows, Fleur-de-Lis hardware)

Wood Garage Doors

The rich beauty and craftsmanship of wood garage doors are often why homeowners select this material over others. Wood garage doors are particularly popular in high-end or traditional homes because they appear more natural and solid compared to other door options.

Homeowners who opt for a wood garage door can choose from a number of styles, or they can custom design the door of their dreams. Wayne Dalton’s wood garage doors come in a number of different materials such as cedar, hemlock and mahogany and can be made to look more unique with windows, stains, finishes, and hardware.

Although wood is a strong material and can be treated for added durability, these doors require regular maintenance to maintain a pristine appearance and avoid warping, rotting or cracking.

garage door material options - wood garage doors

Fiberglass Garage Doors

Fiberglass garage doors are an appealing alternative to both steel and wood doors, offering an artfully molded wood-grain fiberglass surface bonded to a durable steel frame. Aesthetically, these doors are as close as homeowners can get to resembling the warmth and appeal of wood garage doors, but without the high maintenance, wood doors require.

garage door material options - fiberglass garage doors

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