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Curb Appeal is King

It’s National Curb Appeal Month, so for us at Wayne Dalton that means a month full of appreciating beautiful homes, and more specifically, great looking garage doors!

garage door adds curb appeal
(Model 9700 Carriage House Steel)

If you live in the Northeast, chances are you’ve come across many colonial-inspired homes that boast simplicity and symmetry. To best complement this type of home, Wayne Dalton’s Model 9700 Carriage House Steel garage doors offer old-world style while maintaining the integrity of the classically American architecture.

garage door adds curb appeal
(Model 9800 Designer Fiberglass)

Meanwhile, on the West Coast, in states like Oregon and Washington, craftsman style homes that utilize natural building materials such as brick or wood may be more common. To closely resemble the warmth and appeal of wood garage doors without the high maintenance they require, Model 9800 Designer Fiberglass doors are a great option with its artfully molded wood-grain fiberglass surface bonded on an aluminum frame. See below for more of our favorite Wayne Dalton garage doors that are giving all kinds of homes around the world an extra bit of flair!

(Model 7104 Palomino Wood Garage Door)

Wayne Dalton’s wood garage doors are hard to beat. Homeowners who opt for a wood garage door can choose from a number of styles, such as the Model 7104 pictured above, or custom design the door of their dreams through a variety of panels, stains and finishes.

garage door adds curb appeal
(Model 8800 Contemporary Aluminum)

Modern and contemporary homes are known for their precise lines, steel-framed windows and minimalist layout. To enhance curb appeal, Models 8800 or 8850 Contemporary Aluminum garage doors offer sleek and eye-catching designs.

garage door adds curb appeal
(Model 9510 Designer Steel)

Model 9510 Designer Steel features tall section heights and a full-section embossment design for a dramatic look that is sure to catch the eyes of neighbors, friends and anyone walking by.

garage door adds curb appeal
(Model 9605 Classic Steel)

Model 9605 Classic Steel garage doors can be designed to match virtually any architectural style. In addition to various window designs and colored glass options, Model 9605 can be customized in five exterior panel designs in six different colors.

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