Fixed Dock Shelter

This shelter has flexible vertical panels and a curtain to serve a wide variety of trailers with different widths and heights, while still providing weather protection to save on heating/cooling costs. It provides full width and height access to the back of the trailer.
black fixed dock shelter in front of commercial door


The side and top panels are covered with galvanized steel panels and trimmed with aluminum angle for a clean, durable finish. Both upper corners of the shelter have overlapping wear pleats for added protection from trailer impacts and tearing. The top panel is peaked to drain water.

  • A foam bead is sewn into the leading edge of the vertical front panels and top panel
  • Vertical panels are double layered fabric at the leading edge of the impact area
  • The fabric is double stitched with high strength polyester thread that has been UV treated for improved durability
  • Fiberglass stays are encased in multi-layer pockets and provide the vertical panels with strength (Top stays are “Z” style to keep the curtain straight)


  • Made of fire resistant fabric and available in multiple weights including a premium 40 oz fabric that has six times more abrasion resistance than standard fabric
  • For the most punishing applications, optional premium plus fabric is recommended. It is similar to the belts used on heavy duty, industrial conveyors. It provides elevated resistance to UV, fire, abrasion, tearing, rot, stains, salts, and oils
  • All fabrics are treated with UV protection to help reduce fading

1-Year Limited Warranty

TECHNICAL SUPPORT: 1-800-764-1457 (option 6)