Adjustable Curtain Seal

Our seal with an adjustable top curtain is designed to accommodate varying trailer heights while providing superior weather protection. Save on heating/cooling costs with this innovative solution that closes gaps and helps protect against harsh weather.
blue adjustable curtain seal in front of white commercial door


  • Available with up to a 60” drop
  • Full width steel tube that prevents curtain sagging
  • With a rope and pulley assembly, the curtain adjusts to different trailer heights to help aid thermal efficiency. The curtain can be ordered with overlapping low temperature PVC strips for cold applications


  • The fabric is double stitched with high strength polyester thread that has been UV treated for long term durability
  • The columns have premium grade foam with full compression and recovery properties in temperatures as lows as -40°F
  • The fire resistant foam is continuously bonded to the backing with a non-flammable adhesive with elastic properties for long life
  • Plated vent openings drain moisture and promote air circulation for compression in the vertical columns


  • Made of fire resistant fabric and available in multiple weights including a premium 40 oz fabric that has 6 times more abrasion resistance. All fabrics are treated with UV protection to help prevent fading


  • Optional column wear pleats provide additional tearing and abrasion protection. Heavy duty 66 oz. wear pleats on the top and bottom corners also available


  • A bottom seal pad can provide added heating and cooling savings by creating a 4 sided seal all around the opening (top pad, bottom pad, two side pads)

1-Year Limited Warranty

TECHNICAL SUPPORT: 1-800-764-1457 (Option 6)


blue line drawing of adjustable curtain dock seal with numbers and descriptions
Back Column Width Front Column Width
10" 10"
12" 12"
8" 11"
8" 14"
12" 15"
12" 18"
8" 20"
Column Height 10' 
Column Height 9' 6" - 12' 
Full Width Steel Tube 
24" Adjustable Curtain
Other drops up to 60" 
24" Fixed Curtain 
Other drops 12" x 60" 
Split Curtain - Adjustable 24" to 48" 
Split Curtain - Fixed 12" x 48" 
Split Curtain - Velcro (adjustable or fixed) 
24" PVC Curtain Strips 
10" Projection 
Other Projection 8" - 20" 
Projection Box 4"/6"/8"/10"/12" 
Taper Projection 8" - 20" top or bottom 
Fabric Weight and Color  
22 oz (Black, Blue, Gray, Green, Brown) 
40 oz Regular (Black, Blue, Gray, Green, Red, Brown) 
40 oz Premium (Black) 
Double Layer Fabric  
Double layer of fabric on impact area of columns (same weight/colors as above) 
Treated Lumber 
Galvanized Steel 
Bottom Seal Pad  
4' or 8' Long 
Draft Control  
Two bottom draft flaps 
Guide Stripes  
24" High 
Full Height 
Galvanized Mounting Hardware 
Scuff Guards  
Scuff Guards (40 oz Regular, Black) - 48" tall additional layer of fabric inside column 
Security Seal  
4' or 8' High 
Wear Pleats  
Wear pleats 4"/8"/16" exposure (same weight/color available as above) 
Heavy Duty 66 oz Top and Bottom Corner Pleats, 4" exposure (Black, Blue, Orange)