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Commercial Warehouse Solutions

The commercial construction industry has been expanding for nearly a decade and is expected to continue increasing for years to come. According to an analysis of new government data by the Associated General Contractors of America, commercial (retail, warehouse and farm) construction rose 4.7 percent over last year. As commercial construction spending continues to grow, Wayne Dalton looks for new and innovative ways to meet customer needs as they arise by producing quality door solutions.

Commercial Warehouse Solutions
(Sectional Steel Model 2411)

Wayne Dalton has a broad product lineup that fulfills virtually any commercial application. Our rolling selection provides service doors, fire doors, security shutters, sheet doors, and grilles. While our ADV-X series of high speed doors offer fabric and rubber doors for advanced performance. Especially relevant to commercial warehouse projects, we have 14 models of insulated and non-insulated commercial sectional doors that are available to meet nearly any size requirement. Even with our extensive product breadth, we know innovation must continue. As we see more and more warehouse spaces being built, we recognize the need for an increasing number of door solutions that provide more efficient door installation and door protection. 

Commercial Warehouse Solutions
(Impact Section Panel)

To meet the need for enhanced door protection we offer a panel specifically developed for absorbing large amounts of energy. Our Impact Section provides building owners and managers with an impact-resistant section on commercial sectional doors to protect the door from forklift damage and other traffic, minimizing repairs and reducing downtime. These fully-adaptable panels are available in 21” and 24” sections with widths from 8’2” to 16’2”. With an expanded polystyrene core surrounded by impact-resistant composite skins, the Impact Section can be installed on Wayne Dalton's Sectional Steel models (216, 220, 2411, 2415, C-20, C-24, C-2400) and ThermoMark™ models (5150, 5155, 5255), as well as on the Thermospan® models (150, 200).

For more cost and time efficient installation on large jobs, Wayne Dalton offers a Simple Install System. This system is ideal for warehouse and dock jobs where a number of same-size doors will be installed and was created to save technicians time with quick, one-person installations. The Simple Install System is made of a single-piece vertical track and simplified hardware and offers a price deduction for more competitive bidding. This system is exclusively available on nominal and 24-gauge commercial Sectional Steel models (C-24, C-2400, 2411, 2415) with widths ranging from 8'0" to 10'2" and 9'1" or 10'1" in height. A minimum of 10 garage doors are required per order.

With our commercial warehouse solutions we are able to solve a large variety of access solutions and put the finishing touches on commercial warehouses. Wayne Dalton commercial sectional doors include a large model selection in order to meet nearly any specification that is thrown their way. When our catalog of models is combined with the efficiency of our Simple Install System and the protection of the Impact Panels, you have a solution for practically every situation.

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