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Commercial Sectional Door Options

Impact Section & Simple Install System 

Two New Commercial Sectional Door Options

As part of Wayne Dalton's continued commitment to producing quality, innovative garage door solutions, Wayne Dalton has introduced two new commercial sectional garage door options — the Impact Section and Simple Install System — for doors in environments where durability, reliability and economy are top priorities.

By replacing a traditional bottom section with the Impact Section, warehouses are able to protect the doors from forklift damage and other traffic, reducing downtime and minimizing potentially costly repairs. 

The Simple Install System is ideal for warehouse and dock jobs where a number of the same size doors are going to be installed, allowing for a faster, easier installation.

Commercial Sectional Door Options

Protect Your Doors Against Damage from Forklifts and Other Traffic

The Impact Section provides Wayne Dalton customers with an impact-resistant garage door option that is able to suit multiple door thicknesses and includes hinge and section adapters for a custom fit. Made of an expanded polystyrene core surrounded by a rugged composite skin, the Impact Section panels can be installed on Wayne Dalton's durable Sectional Steel models (216, 220, 2411, 2415, C-20, C-24, C-2400) and ThermoMark™ models (5150, 5155, 5255), as well as on the Thermospan® models (150, 200). Additionally, the fully-adaptable panels are available in 21" and 24" sections with widths ranging from 8'2" to 16'2". 

Faster, Easier Sectional Door Installation

The Simple Install System was created to save installers time with the ability to perform fast, one-person installations. This system contains a single-piece vertical track and simplified hardware, as well as offers a price deduction for more competitive bidding. The Simple Install System is exclusively available on nominal and 24-gauge commercial Section Steel models (C-24, C-2400, 2411, 2415) with widths ranging from 8'0" to 10'2" and 9'1" or 10'1" in height. A minimum of 10 garage doors are required per order. 

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