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Model 700

Fire Door - model 700

FireStar® Model 700 Rolling Steel Fire Door provides a practical and innovative solution to safety and fire protection. This door can be drop-tested and reset at any time by anyone, thanks to a standard auto-reset feature.

  • Max Width: 36’
  • Max Height: 28’
  • Max steel gauge = 18
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Fire Door 700 FireStar Brochure116Brochure
Rolling Door Systems Brochure124Brochure
Rolling Door End User Manual4072Misc
Fire-Rated Rolling Steel Doors Warranty - Models 700 700C 167Warranty
Model 700 Slat Profiles546Slat Profile
Model 700 Specification 657Specifications
Model 700 Specification638Specifications
Fire Door Full Line Specification783Specifications
Fire Door Full Line Specification784Specifications
Installation Instructions - Models 700 & 700C 785Installation Instructions
Wind Load Options 700 & 700C1871Wind Load
Door Operating Clearance Model 700551Door Operating Clearance
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