Secure Full Closure Designs

accordian folding grille

Key Product Features:

  • Standard Max Width No Limit
  • Standard Max Height 14’
  • Aluminum construction
  • Wide variety of patterns

Grille Styles

See our Accordion Folding Grille Patterns document for more details and information.

brick pattern
1 7/8" Brick
perforated pattern
4 3/4" Perforated
polycarbonate pattern
8 7/8" polycarbonate

Product Information

  • Pocket – Includes the storage pocket complete with an aluminum pocket door and adjustable height, installation is a breeze. Available in a wide variety of sizes.
  • Finish – Durable clear anodized finish on exposed aluminum surfaces. Optional colors available
  • Posts – Many ways to secure the curtain with a wide variety of locking posts.
  • Track – The durable hardened track allows for smooth operation. Optional curves and custom curves available.
  • Egress – Emergency egress fire exit is available to meet fire code regulations.
  • Cylinders – Locking posts supplied with 1" mortise cylinder can be easily changed onsite. Optional SFIC housing and cores available.