A Strong and Durable Roll Up Sheet Door

roll up sheet doors used as dock doors

Key Product Features:

  • Standard Max Width 16’
  • Standard Max Height 16’
  • 26 gauge steel
  • Slide Bolt or Curtain Lock

Product Information

Loading docks, outbuildings and large storage facilities are typical uses for the attractive appearance, sturdy construction, and long service life of DS-200 doors.

DS-200 roll-up doors are available in round or square profiles. The continuous curtains are made from hot-dipped galvanized steel, and then finished with silicone polyester paint for beauty and durability. Installation to masonry, steel or wood jambs is quick, and simple — no special preparation, no overhead tracks.

Steel slide-bolt assemblies at each bottom corner secure the closed door from inside. For added protection, the slide-bolts also accept padlocks. A sliding curtain lock also is available for securing the door from outside.

  • Corrugated top sheet assembly forms a strong torque cylinder for strength and easy operation, and conceals the spring mechanism.
  • Corrugated door curtain, available in round or square profile, is hot-dipped, galvanized 26-Ga. steel, primed then finished with high gloss silicone polyester paint.
  • Polypropylene anti-wear strips come factory-installed as continuous guides for sliding metal parts, providing quieter operation and longer service life.
  • Axle casting assembly holds constant door tension, and allows easy adjustments. Heavy-duty steel bracket plates rigidly support axle, spring and door.
  • Drum wheel is deep-drawn galvanized steel with 1-5/16" steel bearings.
  • Bottom bar assembly includes heavy-duty steel angle, extruded aluminum bottom bar and replaceable tubular-type vinyl astragal.
  • Slide-bolt assemblies made of heavy-duty steel lock the closed door from inside at the bottom corners. For added security, both slide bolts accept padlocks. An exterior sliding curtain lock also is available.
  • Roll-up door guides are 14-Ga. galvanized steel, 2" wide. DS-200 guides install to masonry, steel or wood construction equally well.
  • Automatic door stops prevent door from rolling up past the header.
  • Tempered steel springs are engineered to counterbalance different door sizes and weights for smooth, easy operation and long service life. Both springs are clip-welded to the axle for correct location and extension.
  • Heavy-duty steel axle supports door curtain and counterbalance system.


  • Direct Drive Chain Hoist for door sizes up to 12' x 12'
  • Viewlights (non-insulated doors only) - allows occupants see outside without opening the door
  • 4:1 reduced drive chain hoist for door sizes up to 12'1" x 16'
  • Door insulation featuring two layers of aluminum mylar film laminated to two layers of heavy-duty polyethylene air-bubble material.  An R-value of 4 helps control heat gain/loss.  Includes flexible vinyl top and side draft stops as weather seals between the door and the building.
  • Electric operator kit adapts any door ro motorized operation
  • Steel mounting plates provide lateral extension of jambs
  • Cam-action spring tensioning device allows easy adjustment of spring tension
  • Heavy duty guide - 13 gauge galvanized G section and 8 gauge galvanized wall angle attached to wood steel or masonry jambs

Color Options



Royal Blue

Mist White


Hunter Green

Sunset Orange


Cedar Red

Desert Tan

Polar Blue

Valentine Red


Patriot Red


Continental Brown

Sea Green

Fern Green




The Teal, Maroon, and Purple colors have a 10 year warranty against chalk and fade. All other door colors have a 20 year warranty against chalk and fade.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Due to variations in computer monitors, such as resolution and color settings, this standard color chart should only be used as a general guide. If you have a job where you need to be exactly sure of the accuracy of the color shade shown, please contact customer service.