Exceptional Security and Aesthetics

rolling counter shutter door

Key Product Features:

  • Aluminum, Galvanized Steel, or Stainless Steel
  • Standard Max Width 15’
  • Standard Max Height 7’*
    * for larger openings, please consult the factory.
  • 2” Flat slats
  • Lift Up, Crank or Motor Operation

Options & Accessories:

  • Powder Coat Finish
  • Slide Locks
  • Cylinder Locks
  • Center Locking
  • Counter Cutouts
  • Mullion Systems
  • Sensing Edges
  • Secur-Vent® Perforated Slats
  • Fascias
  • Integral Frame Units

Slat Profiles

See our Model 500 Slat Profiles document for more profiles and details.

slat profile
No. 17 Slat Profile

Exceptional Security and Aesthetics

Wayne Dalton’s Rolling Counter Shutter provides the perfect solution for smaller openings that require visually appealing access control. Our Model 500 shutter is designed to be utilized in those applications that incorporate counter tops or openings that require the shutter to rest on a sill. With several different modes of operation including lift-up, crank and motor, our counter shutter is the preferred solution for your application. Whether it’s a concession stand, accounts payable window, sports arena or school food service, the Model 500 is the counter shutter of choice.

The Wayne Dalton Model 500 Rolling Counter Shutter combines aesthetics and security in a compact unit ideal for smaller openings or restricted space applications. Designed to fit openings up to 15' wide and 7' high, these reliable doors are an ideal choice for commercial, retail, corporate and professional applications.

Durable Materials with Stylish Features

The high quality, interlocking slats on the rolling counter shutter are available in galvanized steel, stainless steel or aluminum for long-lasting durability. The "box" type guides are designed to reduce operational noise as well as to conceal the fasteners used to attach the shutter to the jamb resulting in quieter operation and greater visual appeal. A square hood cover encloses the curtain coil and counterbalance mechanism giving a clean, professional appearance.


The counterbalance assembly utilizes a spring barrel design which encases the mechanism while providing an axis around which the curtain coils. Oil-tempered, torsion-type counterbalance springs are wound from steel, providing accuracy in balancing the door. A spring tension adjusting wheel is normally mounted outside the bracket on the end of the tension rod. An inside adjusting wheel for tight side-room applications is available in limited sizes. Based on the needs of the application, there are a variety of operational choices. Counter shutter operation can be manual push-up, chain, crank, or motor-operated. Door mounting can be self-supporting (using structural tubes) or directly on to the building structure.

Attractive Options

For the ultimate in custom appearance, powder coating is available in over 180 colors. The flexibility in color choice results in a finish that radiates beauty and smoothness to produce an aesthetically pleasing curtain to suit any decor. An optional concealed bottom bar cylinder lock activates steel tamperproof lock rods. The lock uses a standard mortise cylinder and is available with an optional removable core.