Wayne Dalton’s Sectional Aluminum Full View doors are the preferred choice when visibility and light transmission are just as important as aesthetics. Aluminum Full View sectional doors are weather-resistant and virtually maintenance-free, and are ideal for commercial applications such as service stations, car washes, and auto dealerships. Perfectly suited for applications where maximum light and visibility are desired, the glass sections on Wayne Dalton’s Aluminum Full View doors help create a pleasant interior environment while offering a warm and open look from the exterior. Aluminum Full View doors feature an aluminum bottom section with three to seven clear upper sections, depending upon size.

Construction Insulation Color / Exterior Finish
Full View 451 16' 2" 16' 1" Aluminum N/A Clear, Bronze, Black, White, Brown, RAL Powder Coat Colors
Full View 452 16' 2" 16' 1" Aluminum Up to 3.97 Clear, Bronze, Black, White, Brown, RAL Powder Coat Colors
K-AL Aluminum 24' 2" 18' 1" Aluminum Up to R-4.35 Clear, Bronze Anodized, RAL Powder Coat Colors